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by jimmykaye
Jul 10th, '18, 08:09
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Topic: alliance donation
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alliance donation

good orning everyone, i would like to propose something. with de pieces of the alliance, the leader could decide to make donations to certains players who can sometimes be in troubles and would need one or two millions to buy a few vehicles for examples and breathe a little at level of missions that...
by jimmykaye
Jun 29th, '18, 20:18
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: NCIS
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- Service: PD
- Name of the vehicle visible in game: NCIS
- Name of the vehicle in detail: Naval Criminal Investigative Service
- Family: NCIS
- Functions: NCIS
- Extension : Federal
- Number of staff in this one: 2-4

Federal extension should be bought and unlock ALL federal law enforcement entities
by jimmykaye
Jun 11th, '18, 20:52
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: Ncis
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I propose ncis unit for ncis mission, about the USNC or USMC
by jimmykaye
Mar 6th, '18, 18:29
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Topic: Bug
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Smartphone or tablet model: Huawei mate 9
Android or iOS version: 8.0.p
Nickname in the game: jimmykaye
About how much building: 25
Your current level: 46
Details about your bug: since the update, I can't download that. And I don't know why. So I can't play, can you help me?
by jimmykaye
Dec 9th, '17, 09:18
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: NCIS
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may we have NCIS extension in the futur ? it's for exemple for Murder, or Hostage taken , Bomb Explosion etc... but on member of usmc et usnc