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by kdog_1.0
Jan 14th, '18, 15:58
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: New units, fire utility, atv, and air and light
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New units, fire utility, atv, and air and light

Can you please add the unit(s) -type -fire Name- Utility (1 staff)- approx $15,000-20,000 (basically a unit that responds and boards up windows after a fire and does various support jobs for calls that need extra support such as water rescue, accident, big call, etc.) -type- fire name-Air and Light ...
by kdog_1.0
Jan 7th, '18, 14:59
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Vehicle proposal
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Re: Vehicle proposal

Since we have a squad apparatus, I think the fire Rescue car needs to be changed to a technical rescue, and I think it should be taken off half of the calls it’s currently in. Also, calls should not require the same amount of rescue cars at it requires squad cars. For example, a school fire requires...