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by Anonymous inc.
Mar 25th, '18, 09:22
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: Differences in trucks
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Differences in trucks

What’s the difference between hazmat auxiliary and hazmat? And how many staff do they need each?
by Anonymous inc.
Mar 21st, '18, 10:38
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Mod recommendation
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Re: Mod recommendation

Kd I have watched you provoke situations with that account! If that isn’t breaking the rules it’s just as bad! Kd we shouldn’t be afraid to go into chat to get banned for a simple word! But when I watch you abuse your power when I call you out and you say I’m being disrespectful is crazy! What is cr...
by Anonymous inc.
Feb 26th, '18, 23:27
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Heavy recovery
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Heavy recovery

In so many situations we could use a tow truck to take cars to the impound and make extra money and transport money as well! From small wreckers to deck trucks to heavy semi recovery to turned over trains and 280 range boom tow rigs to helo crane rigs that carry electrical power towers! Please give ...