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by Wallworkt
Oct 5th, '18, 03:58
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Patrol units PD/EMS
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Patrol units PD/EMS

It would be great if PD/EMS units that can patrol could be sent out as a group from their assigned locations using a single button instead of individually. I have 6 hospitals and 7 PD stations with about 6 vehicles each and it takes a bit to send them all out. Also could you make all patrollable PD ...
by Wallworkt
May 20th, '18, 21:15
Forum: Support
Topic: Police Copter
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Police Copter

Posted under vehicles but probably should have posted here. I have the police copter but when I try to send it on patrol it seems to leave the station for only a second or two and then returns.

iPhone 6s
iOS 11.3.1
by Wallworkt
Apr 12th, '18, 06:49
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: Moto units
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Moto units

What can I do with them? I can’t seem to send them on patrol. I know they can answer patrol calls but seem to always be too far away to bother with vs. regular patrol units. Is there something I have to unlock to send them on patrol or are they stuck in the station? Thanks

by Wallworkt
Feb 27th, '18, 05:01
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: Supervisor Units
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Re: Supervisor Units

I Would like to see this also. In the US at least most police departments if the patrol cars are busy or the supervisor is near a call they will go ahead and take it and also they generally will randomly patrol along with the patrol units.