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by Tom42
Aug 7th, '19, 11:17
Forum: Support
Topic: Can't Log in
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Re: Can't Log in

What is the email used with account
An email sould be sent in your mail box
by Tom42
Aug 2nd, '19, 06:14
Forum: Support
Topic: Discounts?
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Re: Discounts?

Discounts are not necessarily planned, to be inform I invite you to follow the Facebook page of the game
by Tom42
Aug 1st, '19, 15:44
Forum: Support
Topic: Unable to purchase more EMS vehicles
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Re: Unable to purchase more EMS vehicles

The number of vehicles you can buy is unlimited, I do not understand the problem you have..
by Tom42
Jul 31st, '19, 12:10
Forum: Missions / Interventions
Topic: New call suggestion
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Re: New call suggestion

by Tom42
Jul 24th, '19, 16:09
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: New vehicles
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Re: New vehicles

Hey, the collapse rescue is very close to the resue (USAR function) ...
The high rise unit is rather rare, little department has it.
And as for the boats they will not be able to respond on the water ;)
by Tom42
Jun 30th, '19, 18:32
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Above the speed limit
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Re: Above the speed limit

Vehicles speed up 10% more when they are in a emergency
by Tom42
Jun 25th, '19, 18:23
Forum: Support
Topic: Can login on app
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Re: Can login on app

Use that topic to recover your nickname
by Tom42
Jun 14th, '19, 16:30
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: Police SOC
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Re: Police SOC

I agree
by Tom42
Jun 14th, '19, 16:26
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: Rescue Unit
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Re: Rescue Unit

it is in preparation but it takes time
Because it could be better to change all vehicles on the same time
by Tom42
Jun 14th, '19, 16:23
Forum: Buildings
Topic: Adding space for vehicles
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Re: Adding space for vehicles

Like staff's recruiting system?