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Login not Working

Posted: Nov 8th, '17, 02:28
by Leekmpd
I accidentally clicked ply instead of Login which consisted my username to go away. Thought i remembered my username but when i tried to log back in it didn’t work. When i click reset i never get a reset email

Re: Login not Working

Posted: Nov 12th, '17, 01:36
by Proton

Re: Login not Working

Posted: Nov 12th, '17, 07:59
by Leekmpd
Smartphone model
IOS version
Nickname in the game:
unsure. Possibly malikjordenmpd, malikjorden or leekmpd
About how much building: 2 police and 1 police headquarters 2 fire and 1 fire headquarters
Your current level: 21 or somewhere close

Details about your bug:
logged into guest account by accident then username wasn’t populated next time I tried to log in. Not sure what my username was and it won’t reset to my email.
Email: or

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