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A big big big bug

Posted: Mar 10th, '18, 00:37
by Andrew waltz
Smartphone or tablet model:
Android version:
Nickname in the game:
About how much building:
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Details about your bug: [/u

Smartphone Apple iPhone X
Andrew waltz
200 buildings
It kicked me off and I logged back in and I lost all buildings and units got kicked out of my own alliance and lost my lvl and my notes I played cash for over 2500 notes and over 2000 units plz get back a hold of me and help me get it back I have pics to show my notes

Re: A big big big bug

Posted: Mar 11th, '18, 03:59
by Proton
After looking at your account, it presents no problem we can see that you have changed phone at the time of the problem you went from Android to Apple, no problem on your account

Re: A big big big bug

Posted: Mar 11th, '18, 15:28
by Kaliahsdaddy
Proton does it show if the reset button was triggered. He was at level 52 and said the game got stuck and when he logged back in was at level 1.

Re: A big big big bug

Posted: Mar 13th, '18, 04:57
by Proton
On the screenshot there is level 52 ...