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Can't see what I'm typing

Posted: Apr 6th, '18, 00:56
by rlmartin4
Screenshot_2018-04-06-00-45-55.png (241.31 KiB) Viewed 614 times
Smartphone or tablet model: [smartphone
Android version: [samsung galaxy s5
Nickname in the game: [/farmerRay
About how much building:
Your current level: [/36
Details about your bug: [/hello, I am having problems seeing what I type in the chats. As I am typing all I see is a white rectangle were I should be typing but it is fine once I post. I have also seen that others with samsung galaxy s5 has had the same problem. ThanksImage

Re: Can't see what I'm typing

Posted: Apr 16th, '18, 03:17
by Proton
Known problem but we do not find any solution for the moment