Shared missions xp

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Shared missions xp

Post by Kaliahsdaddy » Apr 8th, '18, 18:39

Smartphone or tablet model: Apple IPad Pro
Android version:
Nickname in the game: Kaliahsdaddy
About how much building: 107 FD, 33 PD, 18 EMS
Your current level: 73
Details about your bug: For shared missions with the alliance the money moves up but the xp is not. Please fix this so the alliance can level up.

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Re: Shared missions xp

Post by Fireguy1210 » Apr 9th, '18, 19:53

I am also having this problem
In game name is fireguy1210

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Re: Shared missions xp

Post by Proton » Apr 16th, '18, 03:16

To receive points it is necessary that minimum 2 players answer the call, otherwise the alliance does not gain anything