Chat problem

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Chat problem

Post by Proton » Jul 4th, '18, 04:07

Kaliahsdaddy wrote:
Jun 29th, '18, 23:47
I know I won’t get a response even though I wish I really would or some of the other many posts on this matter would get a response. This hasn’t been shown yet but needs to be. These bans were a targeted attack on the 3 of the 4 big alliances on this game. Western Washington in Seattle, Washington, Digby Co. in Digby, Nova Scotia and Chicago’s Heroes in Chicago, Illinois. Below is a list of the players who got banned from chat and their respective alliances.

Kaliahsdaddy-Western Washington
Travdaman-Western Washington
Truckie 72- Western Washington
Ats 911- Chicago’s Heroes
Rockin Rob-Chicago’s Heroes
Kaliahsdaddy116-Chicago’s Heroes
Scfdchief- Digby Co.
Random123-Digby Co.
Kaliahsdaddy1-Digby Co.

To me that is obvious this was a preplanned attack to get to the main alliances. I wish you cared, I really do. But to have a game where you allow alliances to be formed and then to punish those players that worked hard building a well working and high level alliance is absolutely ridiculous. All because one person got upset over not getting people to their alliance. They would say the players need to choose which alliance to go to, then would whine and complain about it when the choice didn’t come their way.
These accounts are no longer banned

With all these abuses, the chat will remain closed, I am not a schoolmaster to monitor children, there has been too much abuse!