Windows Version Issue

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Windows Version Issue

Post by Greggers » Jan 30th, '19, 11:57

Hi. There is an issue in the Windows version in which when a pop-up window is open (e.g. call screen, station vehicles, etc.) and I click somewhere, the click is registering on the map behind the pop-up screen, instead of registering the button I'm clicking within the pop-up screen. An example would be I'm assigning units to a call. When I click to add a unit, and a station happens to be directly behind where I'm clicking on the map itself, instead of assigning the unit, the station from behind opens. I basically have to stay extremely zoomed in when I play on Windows. HELP!
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Re: Windows Version Issue

Post by Tom42 » Jan 30th, '19, 12:04

I have the same problem...
You have just to wait it may resolve automatically ;)
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