Beta group

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Beta group

Post by Lifesaver1 » Apr 28th, '17, 14:11

Hey developers...I've created an alliance and we have 5 active members...we would love to be a bit of a test group or just to have a chat and provide some thoughts on the experience thus far. Not sure if there is a way someone can jump into our alliance chat, etc...

Alliance name is Roadkill Rangers, located in the Denver area.

We love the game thus far and look forward to future updates. Feel free to send a message on her or to my account email.


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Re: Beta group

Post by seanbforhockey » Aug 22nd, '17, 22:26

Seems cool. Maybe the developers will put a certain group for more than 5 people to join in. ;)
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Re: Beta group

Post by Proton » Aug 23rd, '17, 06:57

Hello, you can suggest suggestions directly on this forum in order to make us progress in the developments

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