Station Response Areas (Urban vs Suburban vs Rural)

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Station Response Areas (Urban vs Suburban vs Rural)

Post by Engine_Hazmat » Jan 30th, '18, 22:14

Hello developers. I absolutely love this game!! It is great and has room for a lot of potential to make it even better.

This is my first suggestion on here and I will continue to look at the other posts. This one is a little long winded but bear with me.

Firstly, I would LOVE to assist with call-type development for the Fire and EMS divisions. I've got a lot of experience on both sides and have served as firefighter, line officer and chief officer and can really even out some of these calls and what units are needed for each call type to make it a little more realistic.

Now to the meat and potatoes:

I would like to see the ability for call types to be related to the area where the stations are to help with realism. Especially fire stations. Nothing against the current set-up, just think it could be better. My fire department for in-game is set-up in in downtown Pittsburgh. I have run A LOT of straw bale fires, agriculture building fires, etc that aren't really realistic for the area. Police call types seem pretty legit and I am about to venture into the EMS division but fire could be more realistic.

There are certain call types that belong everywhere such as car fires, gas leaks, sparking utility, room fires, motor vehicle collisions, dumpster fires,trees down etc and all the EMS and police calls. Nothing should change with these and anyone, anywhere should get 911 calls for them.

My suggestion:

At a minimum, have an option when building a station to select whether it is Urban, Suburban or Rural.

Better option would be Urban, Suburban, Rural, Industrial, Commercial, Wildland, etc.

Best Option would be to break it down even further like below with corresponding call types:
Urban Residential (Highrise fires, High Rise Fire Alarm Activation, Mid-rise Apartment Building Fires, Scaffolding Collapses, Car Fire in Parking Garage, Rowhouse Fires etc)
Urban Commercial (High Rise Office Building Fire, Commercial Fire Alarm Activations, Strip Mall Fire, Gas Station Fire, etc)
Urban Industrial (Warehouse Fire, Electric Transformer Station Fire, Train Fire, Chemical Spills, Loading Dock Fire, Tank Farm Fire, etc)

Suburban Residential (Apartment and Garden Apartment Building Fires, Townhouse Fires, Duplex Fire, Chimney Fires, Room on Fire, Delivery Truck Fire, mailbox fire, Residential Natural Gas Leak, trees or bushes on fire, etc)
Suburban Commercial (Strip Mall Fire, Big Box Store Fire, Gas Station Fire, Gas Line Leaks, etc)
Suburban Industrial (Propane Storage Tank Leak/Fire, Small Warehouse Fire, other related hazmat incidents)

Rural Residential (House Fire, Chimney Fires, Barn Fires, Brush Fires, Shed Fires, Tractor Fires, Illegal Burning, etc)
Rural Commercial (Could be smaller versions of suburban commercial call types)
Rural Industrial (Large Barn Fire, Silo Fire, Chicken House Fire, Ammonia Leak, Silo Rescue, etc)

Wildland (Large and Small Forest Fires, Cliff Rescue and other technical rescues, Overland Rescue, Illegal Campfire, etc)

Maybe even include a check box when building a station for water options such as Water - Ocean, Water Lake, Water River and include different call types based on checking those boxes.

Then with proper programming I imagine, the appropriate units could be required for all the different call types based on the options above. I.e. - a rural house fire requires engines, tankers, maybe a truck and EMS.

I love the game and where it is going and I hope you take the above into consideration for the future.
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