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Post by Joedababa » Sep 30th, '17, 16:17

Just wanted to make some suggestions for some potential new missions
  • EMS/Fire-EMS
    -Cardiac Arrest/CPR in progress
    -a good portion of communities are attempting to CPR on scene for 30 minutes before transporting the patient, based on this departments usually send Engine and a Rescue, when it’s a confirmed CPR in progress they send and additional Engine/Ladder/Squad depending on the closest unit as well as police and a chief or shift captain, exceptions to the rule are pediatrics (children and adolescents) and trauma (MVA, Etc.)
    - for the game initial dispatch to be Engine & Rescue (EMS) followed by additional assets required depending on the administrative programming

    - brush fires
    - take the already implemented mission of “brush fire” to require additional assets such as;
    - Brush units, Engines, multiple tankers

    - “local” fire alarms
    - generally an alarm not set up through an alarm company or master box activations (I.e. residential)
    - 1 Engine/Chief/Battalion/Ladder/Squad/ or available unit

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