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Terrorist Suggestion (Calls & Vehicles)

Posted: Aug 15th, '18, 09:05
by Jackthehack21
Hi my first suggestion so not sure on the rules but I think it’s just a small med and large for each mission please comment if I’m wrong thanks !

Vehicle Suggestion:

Counter-Terrorist-Unit (Vehicle)
Category: SWAT
Staff: 4
Price: 150,000
Required Player Level: 50
Required Central Level: 8

Call Suggestions:

Terrorist Attack - Stabbing:

Small: 2EMS,1EMS Supervisor,5Patrol,1Supervisor,1Counter terrorist Unit

Med: 5EMS,3EMS Supervisor,1EMS Captain,10Patrol,2Superviser,2CTU

Large: 10EMS,5EMS Supervisor,1EMS Captain,15Patrol,4Superviser,5CTU

Terrorist Attack - Shooting:

Small: 5EMS,1EMS Supervisor,10Patrol,2Police Copter,2Superviser,2ATF,2CTU

Med: 10EMS,2EMS Supervisor,20Patrol,5Police Copter,4Superviser,5ATF,5CTU

Large: 20EMS,5EMS Supervisor,1EMS Captain,40Patrol,10Police Copter,8Superviser,10ATF,10CTU

Terrorist Attack - Drive into pedestrians:

Small: 5EMS,1EMS Supervisor,5Patrol,1Superviser,1CTU

Med: 10EMS,2EMS Supervisor,10Patrol,2Superviser,2CTU

Large: 20EMS,5EMS Supervisor,1EMS Captain,20Patrol,5Police Copter,5Superviser,5Ctu

Terrorist Attack - Bombing:

Small: 10Engine,1Chief,5FBI,5ATF,20Patrol,2Supervisor,5Police Copter,20EMS,2EMS supervisor,1EMS Captain,2Bomb squad,2Counter Terrorist Units

Med: 20Engine,1Squad,2Chief,10FBI,10ATF,35Patrol,5Supervisor,10Police Copter,35EMS,5EMS Supervisor,2EMS Captain,4Bomb squad,4Counter Terrorist Units

Large: 40Engine,2Squad,4Chief,15FBI,15ATF,50Patrol,8Supervisor,15Police Copter,50EMS,10EMS Supervisor,4EMS Captain,10Bomb squad,10Counter Terrorist Units

Re: Terrorist Suggestion (Calls & Vehicles)

Posted: Aug 16th, '18, 12:06
by Proton
Still not good, we must do like this:
1Patrol,1EMS,1Engine,1Rescue Captain

It must be done as if it were posted on the game!

Re: Terrorist Suggestion (Calls & Vehicles)

Posted: Aug 16th, '18, 14:41
by Jackthehack21
I think it’s fixed...

Re: Terrorist Suggestion (Calls & Vehicles)

Posted: Sep 27th, '18, 10:11
by Jackthehack21
Fixed to the standards.

Re: Terrorist Suggestion (Calls & Vehicles)

Posted: Nov 18th, '18, 11:57
by Proton