More Central Stations

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More Central Stations

Post by NY_13 » Aug 30th, '18, 21:35

Can we add as many central stations as we want? We just assign regular fire houses, police stations, and hospitals to a specific central station. This helps those of us with multiple different departments in one area. Thank you.

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Re: More Central Stations

Post by ByteCooled » Mar 7th, '19, 10:34

I agree on this. It would be easier to have more than one central station to expand more departments rather than one building

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Re: More Central Stations

Post by Tom42 » Apr 21st, '19, 13:28

You have just to raze your central station to extend your range :)
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Re: More Central Stations

Post by Lupshill » Apr 21st, '19, 15:49

would really like more central buildings bcuz in some areas have central stations they is different as well

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