Map Not Loading

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Red Raptor 34
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Map Not Loading

Post by Red Raptor 34 » Mar 29th, '19, 17:26

The map has not loaded on my phone since the last update 2.20. It is just a blue screen with units and buildings still showing. I'm just not able to see roads, which makes it hard to place new buildings.

Smartphone: Galaxy S9
Android or OS version: Android
Pseudo: Red Raptor 34
Number of building: 7 Fire Buildings
Level: 19
Map is not loading just a blue screen with buildings and units showing.

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Re: Map Not Loading

Post by Tom42 » Mar 30th, '19, 05:22

Smartphone or tablet model: Samsung Galaxy A5 (it's working on my tablet and my PC
Android version: 8.0.0
Nickname in the game: Tom42
About how much building: 100
Your current level: 58
Details about your bug: Map isn't loading since the 30/03, it's the first time...
PS: Gamorsec's map working on my galaxy A5

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Re: Map Not Loading

Post by Chris01 » Mar 31st, '19, 09:55

Not sure if this is the correct location to ask but,

Smartphone - Samsung Galaxy S6
Android - 2.20
Nickname - MonroeTN
Buildings - 6
Current level- 25
Details - Map is not loading in, just blue screen.

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