End of watch function.

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End of watch function.

Post by Ct7632 » Jul 6th, '18, 19:03

I am suggesting A (End of watch) button for the game. When you have units on patrol and say you want to call all the units back at one time? Rather then going one by one thru the list which for me takes FOREVER due to the amount of stations I have. Would be amazing to just have one button on the main view of the map to End Watch. Thank you for all you’re efforts.

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Re: End of watch function.

Post by rockin_rob » Jul 7th, '18, 23:23

Ct7632, in the emergency services world, "end of watch"is not a good thing resulting in death. Although the idea is there maybe use the term "RTS" or"Return to Station". On the otherhand, in my opinion and others, you spent the time to place the units on patrol, it's only fitting to spend the time to send them all back to the station. Best of luck in your request and happy gaming!

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Re: End of watch function.

Post by Kaliahsdaddy » Jul 13th, '18, 21:52

Ct7632, just curious where you are playing at in game

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