Patrol units PD/EMS

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Patrol units PD/EMS

Post by Wallworkt » Oct 5th, '18, 03:58

It would be great if PD/EMS units that can patrol could be sent out as a group from their assigned locations using a single button instead of individually. I have 6 hospitals and 7 PD stations with about 6 vehicles each and it takes a bit to send them all out.

Also could you make all patrollable PD cars NOT return to station after every call? They don’t generally do that and keeping them all patrolling becomes tedious.

LOVE the game though!


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Re: Patrol units PD/EMS

Post by NY_13 » Nov 10th, '18, 15:28

I JUST came on here to suggest literally the same thing. I like both these ideas a lot and would like to see them implemented

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