Can’t hire new police officers

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Can’t hire new police officers

Post by Brynsta » Dec 29th, '18, 22:04

Smartphone or tablet model: IPhone
Android or iOS version: 12.1.2
Nickname in the game: brynsta
About how much building: 3
Your current level: 18
Details about your bug: 1 of my police stations has the maximum amount of staff but the other 2 have space fore more staff and I have the money, but it won’t let me hire anymore staff at either station, I select the recruit/hire staff then select the 1 memeber of staff, and it says how much it is and do I want to spend the coins, I say yes, then nothing happens, whether I select with money or with notes and whether it’s 1 or 2 people I want to hire, nothing happens.

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Re: Can’t hire new police officers

Post by Tom42 » Dec 30th, '18, 03:27

Sometimes it is necessary that you wait before the personnel is ordered, it can be due to the slowing down of the server, keep us informed ;)
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