Automated dispatch system

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Automated dispatch system

Post by Nathanhalefd » Sep 27th, '17, 15:40

Have an extension that is an automated dispatch for the first closest appropriate apparatus or something like that. I know that in my area when you call 911 the 911 call take take the call and dispatched pushes a button for the type of call and then the appropriate apparatus are automatically dispatched to the call. All the dispatcher does is give the reapimdimg companies the updates.

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Re: Automated dispatch system

Post by TheBoo1413 » Sep 27th, '17, 21:52

I think they should have it to where if you get an incident such as structure fire it tells you which units have to be sent initially and when they get there it can then request more if needed as like a second alarm or something

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Re: Automated dispatch system

Post by Proton » Sep 29th, '17, 16:02

Available soon as an option

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