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by LtCasey81
May 3rd, '19, 06:09
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Real Police EMS and Fire locations
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Real Police EMS and Fire locations

it would be nice to have a map with real Emergency services locations. in that way if you want to place the buildings in a realistic position you dont have to spent hours to search for it on google maps and stuff
by LtCasey81
Jul 28th, '18, 19:53
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: Marine Units
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Re: Marine Units

Soo you recommend lanes on the water? Dark blue lines on water for the boats? Would be Nice also darkbblue yarddock locations to make a boat station
by LtCasey81
Jul 28th, '18, 19:38
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: Special Response Units
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Re: Special Response Units

I recommend that the coastguard moves to the fire department or gets his own department the us coastguard in LA Californië is an Division of the Los Angeles County Fire Department do its an County facility in that state i dont know hoe its handled in other countys or states i live in Holland in Euro...
by LtCasey81
Aug 16th, '17, 11:04
Forum: Buildings
Topic: Extension police medical and fire
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Extension police medical and fire

Hey i cant extend the medical fleet aswel as some police extensions and fire also
by LtCasey81
Aug 16th, '17, 11:01
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: Tiller Trucks dissapeared...
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The tiller ladder truck

Hey i saw that the tiller ladder is gone
Does it come back?
I love that truck i know a lot of people do can you give us some information about it?
by LtCasey81
Aug 16th, '17, 10:57
Forum: Support
Topic: Fire department vehicles
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Re: Fire department vehicles

Hello ive got almost the same

I found in the begin the tiller ladder but now its gone and i liked that one the most