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by Fireguy1210
Feb 9th, '21, 23:41
Forum: Missions / Interventions
Topic: New call Suggestion
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New call Suggestion

Person fallen in Storm Drain

1ems 1rescue 1patrol

2rescue 1Squad 1engine 1utility 1patrol 2ems
by Fireguy1210
Feb 2nd, '21, 02:03
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: New Vehicle Suggestion
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New Vehicle Suggestion

Cascade Truck used to refill air bottles and stores full air bottles could be used on the larger missions and some of the smaller ones
by Fireguy1210
Sep 30th, '19, 11:59
Forum: Support
Topic: Map Not Loading
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Re: Map Not Loading

Smartphone or tablet model: iPhone 7
Android or iOS version: 12.4.1
Nickname in the game: fireguy1210
About how much building: 18
Your current level: 74
Details about your bug: I open the app and the screen stays completely blue
by Fireguy1210
Apr 9th, '18, 19:53
Forum: Support
Topic: Shared missions xp
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Re: Shared missions xp

I am also having this problem
In game name is fireguy1210
by Fireguy1210
Dec 9th, '17, 01:04
Forum: Support
Topic: Servers Down?
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Re: Servers Down?

I cannot either so my guess is neither can anyone else