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by smfd650
Jun 25th, '18, 18:17
Forum: Buildings
Topic: EMS Stations / Hospital
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EMS Stations / Hospital

Would it be possible to have dedicated EMS stations that are not hospitals? Maybe to have a 2 vehicle 4 person capacity? It’d be nice to have it realistic to have ambulances respond from their station to calls and transport to hospitals.
by smfd650
Jun 25th, '18, 18:08
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: First responders
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Re: First responders

It would be nice to have EMS-Rescue Squads. They can first respond, go to entrapments, etc...
by smfd650
Nov 20th, '17, 07:01
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Topic: Chat
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How long will chat be disabled?
by smfd650
Nov 19th, '17, 03:36
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: EMS Captain
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EMS Captain

What is the purpose of the EMS Captain? I’m level 41 and have yet to use it. Also, can it be added as EMS Commandment? All other division except EMS have it.
by smfd650
Oct 12th, '17, 05:24
Forum: Support
Topic: Yellow Tab
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Re: Yellow Tab

Public Works, Department of Transportation, Power Company, Water Company, Gas Company...

So many opportunities!