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by R.Nooney
Apr 11th, '20, 10:52
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Topic: EMS Supervisor role
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EMS Supervisor role

Currently, there is no way to have an EMS Supervisor at a Fire Station as far as I can find. there was some talk of Rescue captains being used for this but you have to reach a pretty high level before they are available and Rescue and EMS are now very different specialties in the USA. The EMS statio...
by R.Nooney
Dec 5th, '19, 14:19
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: New units
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Re: New units

gorilla wrote:
Nov 10th, '19, 12:02
It would be good to put EMS Supervisor and Captain in Fire stations but really if you set up well you can easily cover with EMS buildings.
The ems stations act more as hospitals now so I wouldnt work the same as just being able to transfer one to a fire station
by R.Nooney
Dec 5th, '19, 14:10
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Topic: Task Force building
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Re: Task Force building

Would love to see this with regular fire stations as its very common for fire departments to have more than just ambulance units in them. Currently im wanting to memic my local agencies and a few of them have ems supervisor units as well as an ambulance with the rest of their fire apparatus.
by R.Nooney
Jan 30th, '19, 17:47
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Topic: Call radius selection
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Call radius selection

function to make it possible to change the radius in which calls will be created from each station or add a system to draw up response area's
by R.Nooney
Jun 23rd, '18, 21:54
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Topic: Faster helicopters
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Faster helicopters

Using the ems heli's I have noticed the helicopters are very slow compared to real life. For example flight from Durham NC to Halifax VA (about 95km) that I was on for duke took us 25 mins to arrive but in game a flight from Durham NC to Lillington NC (85km) was estimated for 1 hour and 45 mins whic...