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by Ironman633
Mar 22nd, '21, 12:48
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Topic: New Call Suggestion
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New Call Suggestion

Runway excursion
Sm:2Engine, 1EMS, 1 Ladder, 1 cheif
Med: 3Engine, 3EMS, 1ARFF, 2 Ladder, 1cheif, 1 rescue, 1 Squad, 1 RAC, 2patrol
Lg:10 engine, 6EMS, 4ARFF, 5 Ladder, 1cheif, 1Deputy District, 1 rescue, 2 squad, 1RAC, 1MCI, 1 FSOC, 6patrol, 1superviser
by Ironman633
Mar 22nd, '21, 12:38
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Topic: Crash Tender
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Crash Tender


Vehicle:Engine, Tanker, ARFF
Description: Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting crash tender for aircraft incidents on and off the airfield.

Calls could include
Runway excursion
Engine failure after take off
Bird strike
Aircraft bomb threat