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by sheltat
Apr 29th, '21, 06:00
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Increased response
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Increased response

Can you all increase the response distance for units to 1000 miles or possibly unlimited? Would be awesome thanks 😊
by sheltat
Apr 21st, '21, 13:47
Forum: Support
Topic: Bug Report
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Bug Report

BUG REPORTING Smartphone or tablet model: Iphone 11 Android or iOS version: 14.4.2 Nickname in the game: Ats 911 About how much building: 300+ Your current level: 76 Details about your bug: Unable to log in. Press the game on phone screen and Dial 911 name shows up then goes black. Also, unable to g...
by sheltat
Apr 21st, '21, 06:47
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Unit List
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Re: Unit List

This would really help, can we look into this?
by sheltat
Apr 12th, '21, 15:36
Forum: Missions / Interventions
Topic: New Call Suggestion
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New Call Suggestion

Logging Site Accident Minimum means 1ATV, 1EMS, 1Engine Maximum Means 5ATV, 6Battalion Chief, 5Brush, 2Deputy Chief, 25EMS, 2EMS Captain, 5EMS Copter, 6EMS Supervisor, 15Engine, 1Fire SOC, 5Highway Patrol, 5K9, 15Patrol, 1Police SOC, 5Rescue, 2Rescue Captain, 5Sheriff, 5Squad, 5Supervisor, 5Utility