Moving buildings

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53Jr Hanna
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Moving buildings

Post by 53Jr Hanna » Oct 28th, '17, 11:01

I want to move a building but would rather not sell it just to buy it again.

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Re: Moving buildings

Post by gorilla » Oct 28th, '17, 13:13

At this time moving buildings can't be done easily and personally I think the game has this situation handled well as. In real life it is not easy to move a building without first having to build a new building somewhere and then transferring the units then decommissioning the old building.

In the game the developer has provided a nice little bit of assistance if you accidentally place a station in the wrong place you can cancel the construction immediately and get a 100% refund you will also get a good percentage back if you cancel it half way through construction.

The best thing to do if you need to move a station is make sure you have the workshop extension at your central station, send all the units based at the old station for review in the workshop then demolish/raze the old station then build your new station. However if you are in the early stages of the game (below level 10 or even 15) I would probably just restart the game especially if you are moving cities.

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Re: Moving buildings

Post by Johndeere11218 » Sep 14th, '18, 17:38

What if you want to relocate your central station? I understand I’ll have to demo it, but will I lose any of my extensions and vehicles

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Re: Moving buildings

Post by Travdaman » Sep 14th, '18, 17:44

You sure will.. u lose all the extensions.

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Re: Moving buildings

Post by Tom42 » Jan 3rd, '19, 08:41

Moving the building would make the game too simple from my point of view, even if it is the direction
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Re: Moving buildings

Post by NY_13 » Jan 22nd, '19, 01:00

Make the extensions linked to level and not just the level and building. So if you have to move central HQ you don't lose extensions

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