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Municipal Workshop

Posted: Dec 11th, '19, 11:58
An addition of a municipal work shop would give the ability for ALL in-game vehicles to go for work-ups, transfers, etc. It can also be made to where vehicles have to go for routine maintenance and repairs. An example would be a patrol car receiving damage after a chase or a shoot-out, the water pump on a fire truck breaking down or all vehicles just wearing out after a while which would make the player have to purchase new units. Creating this workshop will eliminate the need for a workshop in the central station and allow more diversity in the game.

Workshop cost: 100,000
Routine maintenance: once every 168 hours/ once a week, repair time, 4 hours
Damages and repairs needed: random, repair time 4 hours
Vehicle wear cycle: replace after every 3rd routine maintenance.

On each vehicle information screen, a counter can be added to show the maintenance cycle so you can determine when a vehicle is coming due for replacement.

I feel this would be a very valuable asset to the game dynamics as taking a vehicle out of service for repairs would cause the player to think about strategies and zone coverage.

Re: Municipal Workshop

Posted: Dec 12th, '19, 14:34
by Themackdaddy88
I like this ideal but don’t think it would be a good ideal to force us to have to buy new units that often not when you have a fleet of over 1000 units that would be costly. Now serving them and have tires worn out yes I’d agree with that but this is a game so. I’d be for general maintenance on them ever so often but not replacing them

Re: Municipal Workshop

Posted: Dec 12th, '19, 16:24
by gorilla
In principle this is a good idea.

In terms of practicalities of the game it's a bit insane.

As some will know I have made a full set of spreadsheets to help manage my fleet.

I just looked at my own fleet of 884 units over all 3 services.

To carry out weekly services would cost me over 7,000 hours just in getting them serviced that's going to see me loose 127 units from service in each 24 hour period or around 20 every 4 hours Just for services.

Then factor in say 20 units a day needing repairs that's them off the run for 4 hours for repairs so I'm losing out on another 80 hours.

With losing these units from active duty I'd struggle to cover my big calls.

Then we have replacing units every 3 maintenance total fleet cost is 63,373,000.

I'd get roughly 70% back say for selling them which would give me 44,615,900 to put towards replacing them meaning I need to run enough calls in 3 weeks to make 19,121.100.

That is one figure I know for a fact none of us could hit easily. Even if I did hit it I would struggle to expand my service beyond what I have.

Infact I highly doubt given that I typically get through 100 to 120 calls a day depending on how busy I am with my life I know I won't make money to cover replacing my feet especially if I have over 100 units out of service each day.

Oh and I'm not the player with the largest fleet, those with bigger fleets would feel this more.

Re: Municipal Workshop

Posted: Dec 12th, '19, 17:19
I see what you are saying. So what if we kept all if the proposed idea but did away with the replacement factor?

Re: Municipal Workshop

Posted: Dec 12th, '19, 17:51
by gorilla
I don't think you realise that having over 100 vehicles off duty each day as they are being serviced is not practical.

The time it would take for us to send them to the workshop would take away from responding to calls.

Also with them off the run we could easily be short for some calls.

Some calls alone need over 100 units.

If we were to have this sort of maintenance then best way would require vehicles to be serviced twice a year (yes a year) and charge for the service and again they are off the run for 4 hours plus transit to workshop. This would be a lot more practical and easy to manage as would split it down to sending a handful off each day.

You could introduce breakdowns with a repair taking 2 hours.