upgrade breakdown

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upgrade breakdown

Post by landry254 » Jun 26th, '17, 23:30

I was wondering what the break down is at what level some other options like commandment (which I have no clue what that is)

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Re: upgrade breakdown

Post by fiyahman » Aug 18th, '17, 12:57

since the game is so new, i think you will be hard pressed to find a breakdown.

As for your terminology:
some things of different being as the game is not naturally english, its french or something.
From what I can tell:
commandment is just a command vehicle.
"Raze" = Sell (give you 50% of what you paid)
"transfert" is transfer the vehicle to another station (need to transfer unit to workshop first)
"sherif" is a sheriff

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Re: upgrade breakdown

Post by seanbforhockey » Aug 22nd, '17, 22:33

Yeah, the game is new, so it'll be hard.
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Re: upgrade breakdown

Post by Proton » Aug 23rd, '17, 06:44

We need suggestions to improve the game, it will improve every month as it has already been for 1 year :)