EMS Central Station

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EMS Central Station

Post by Losiniecki » May 13th, '18, 23:27

It has been brought to me attention that there is some confusion on the difference between the EMS Central Station and then the normal EMS Station.

The Central Station, acts as a component to unlock EMS extensions. Commandment, Helicopter and Work Shop. The Central Station is required to transfer units from one station to another using the Work Shop extension. You are not able to have your EMS units transport to your Central Station.

The normal EMS Stations act as Hospitals for the game. Once a call is complete that required EMS, you will have the option to determine which Hospital that unit will transport to and you will receive “Transport Earnings”. Both EMS units purchased either through your Fire Stations or EMS Stations will transport and are no different than each other.

Once you have your Central Station, you’ll be able to unlock extensions. The EMS Supervisor and EMS Captain both come with new calls and can only be purchased at your Central Station. In order for those units to be moved to a normal station (hospital) you must purchase the Work Shop extension and have them transferred.

I hope this clears up any confusion !

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