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Posted: Jun 28th, '19, 03:08
by NY_13
Detectives can be called to everything from assaults, DOA's, sexual assault/rape, assault with a deadly weapon calls etc. The calls are in the game, we should add the vehicles...please?!

Re: Detectives

Posted: Aug 13th, '19, 17:42
by JNWor
I agree this would be a good addition to the game and allow more serious incidents to be added.

Re: Detectives

Posted: Oct 26th, '19, 01:16
by NY_13
Renewing my plea for the addition of detective units to be added to the game! Please and thank you!

Re: Detectives

Posted: Oct 26th, '19, 16:31
by Tom42
It's a good idea,
How many staff in the Vehicle?
Which extension?

Re: Detectives

Posted: Dec 10th, '19, 17:11
by JNWor
I would say 1 or 2 per vehicle but multiple detectives could be required depending on the incidents severity. For the extension it could be under serious crime unit or criminal investigation division.

Re: Detectives

Posted: Dec 12th, '19, 15:39
by gorilla
I'd recommend 2 staff per vehicle and make avaliable as part of normal police but only available after direction level 8 and player level 25.

Cost of unit would be say 40k.
Icon car

Also as an addition to this as well if you have detectives you could also add

Police Captain or senior detective with 1 staff per vehicle again part of commandment avaliable from level 8 and player level 25 but this unit could not replace a detective unit but would be required for some calls

Cost 45k.icon car

Another unit in this group could be crime scene tech 2 staff per unit would be part of commandment (avaliable to buy at all stations) direction level 8 and player level 25

Cost 60k
Icon soc van

Finally add with this a medical examiner/coroner unit 2 staff per unit. Direction level 10, player level 25

Cost 50k
Icon ems ambulance

I currently could make several different calls for each of these and work to suggest current calls we could edit to include them. These additions would add a whole new range for all players to work on