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Re: Marine Units

Post by Engine 355 » Aug 9th, '18, 01:26

Kaliahsdaddy wrote:
Jul 7th, '18, 22:14
Create a new vehicle family MAR and add a Marine Response Rescue Unit and Fireboats. I have some calls I am working on that would be better with Marine Units.

Vehicle 1
Land Based Marine/Water Rescue Unit
Can be initially called Marine 1
150000 coins to purchase
18 hours to finish building
Have it look like the current squad

Vehicle 2
Quick Response Fire Boat
Can initially be called Boat 1
190000 coins to purchase
20 hours to finish

Vehicle 3
Large Fireboat
Can initially be called Fireboat 1
230000 coins
24 hours to finish

If these will be added to the game then I will also submit calls in which they can be used. Thank you for your time.

I for one am not too concerned with having water rescue calls that aren’t on the water. I think this could be a great and fun addition to the game.
I like this idea

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Re: Marine Units

Post by Tom42 » Aug 9th, '18, 03:49

We can add just small boats on trailers because we can't put the boat on water
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