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New vehicles

Posted: Aug 16th, '18, 16:11
by Travdaman
Search and Rescue

4x4 :2 people
Cost :80,000

Command vehicle
4 people
Cost : 120,000

Call: hiker lost .
1 ,commander vehicle, 4, 4x4

Re: New vehicles

Posted: Dec 28th, '18, 03:26
by NY_13
Definitely on board with the 4x4 idea

Re: New vehicles

Posted: Jul 5th, '19, 14:31
by Dolphinlady26
Fire department helicopters
Price 50,000

Re: New vehicles

Posted: Jul 24th, '19, 07:50
by NYP
Collapse rescue 110,000
High Rise Unit 100,000
Boat ?

Re: New vehicles

Posted: Jul 24th, '19, 16:09
by Tom42
Hey, the collapse rescue is very close to the resue (USAR function) ...
The high rise unit is rather rare, little department has it.
And as for the boats they will not be able to respond on the water ;)