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New Spreadsheets for game

Posted: Oct 15th, '19, 18:20
by gorilla
I have worked to produce a set of Spreadsheets for the game.

These will help you by letting you record your units and station levels and staffing.

The sheets also process the data to calculate a statistics for each Department as well as providing 3 ways of viewing your setups, as a unit list, station breakdown lists or station Matrix.

I have also included ways that unit names can be automatically entered too.

Just now you have 4 main bits of data that needs entered for them to work. Station number, unit type, station level and staffing.

These are available as a Google sheet ... p=drivesdk

Re: New Spreadsheets for game

Posted: Dec 14th, '19, 12:31
by Mailhot85
When I click on the link it says the sheets have been put in the bin by the owner and closes it on me.

Re: New Spreadsheets for game

Posted: Dec 14th, '19, 18:49
by gorilla
Mailhot85 wrote:
Dec 14th, '19, 12:31
When I click on the link it says the sheets have been put in the bin by the owner and closes it on me.
Odd, I will see if I can get it fixed

Re: New Spreadsheets for game

Posted: Dec 14th, '19, 19:42
by gorilla
Hopefully this link works.. ... p=drivesdk

Make a copy of this file and then add your units and station information.

Each department has 5 sheets.

1. Unit Information this sheet is where you enter each unit you have and what station it is at.
2 Station information this sheet you enter the level of each station, name of station, number of staff and garage space information
3. Station Cards, this sheet has all you stations displayed in a way you can view what is in each station, the amount each station has cost, staffing levels and garage space
4. Statistics for your departments, this works out number of units you have in each station, number of each unit type, as well as calculates various costings and other information that may help you
5. Matrix sheet this shows what units you have in each station is a matrix format.

You also have 2 other sheets, the first of these contains vital information including cost of each unit and upgrades.

The second contains a display of costing statistics for each department and then for your entire service.

I am continually developing these sheets to include more information, this set is the latest and ones I am currently working on as such I'm still checking for errors and that. I'd say I think I have finally completed them as think I have displayed and calculated every detail of the game.

I've even included in this version on the unit info sheets a formula that can automatically suggest names for the units, this is more just something that I have used for now as my naming format is easily accommodated by the formula as in game my units have following format

CFD Engine 1 S1 G

Basically i add CFD at the front as a prefix and G at end as a suffix and the S number is the station number

In the sheets this is automatically entered to save time.

It is partially editable however not fully tested. You can also edit unit names to reflect what you use in the game but again this is not fully tested yet. Now there should be no issue with them but if there is it's usually down to user error.

It is very unlikely you will get an error with the sheets as I have tried to make them very easy to work with.

Re: New Spreadsheets for game

Posted: Dec 15th, '19, 13:21
by Mailhot85
Wow thank you I sent my request to access them larry773

Re: New Spreadsheets for game

Posted: Feb 15th, '20, 22:01
by Mister Smartie
Hello! I sent a request for this spreadsheet! It is from Mister Smartie! Happy to use this when you accept! :D