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Posted: Dec 12th, '19, 20:31
by Mailhot85
Hey guys and gals it's been awhile since I have played I finally got logged back in, I was wondering if the chat will ever come back, also is the developer looking for more idea for the game I see much hasnt changed in the last few months. I have a suggestion to create a new window that shows the total number of vehicles that we own for each different vehicle so it's easier to figure out where I need to expand and add vehicles

Re: What's New

Posted: Dec 13th, '19, 05:31
by gorilla
I have made a full set of google sheets to help record your units.

They also work to calculate various statistics and that you will useful for making sure you have enough staff and also how much each station costs

Re: What's New

Posted: Dec 14th, '19, 12:32
by Mailhot85
Where would I be able to find these please I think they would be very helpful, also is there any plans for the chat to come back?

Re: What's New

Posted: Dec 15th, '19, 04:11
by Proton
No come back for the chat