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Alliance Missions

Posted: Jun 18th, '20, 16:09
by Jacehrva
Our Alliance just hit level 31 and now we, the Alliance can't launch any Alliance Missions. (I'm guessing nobody made it this far.) We can lauch our own missions and share them. When trying to click on any of the Alliance missions (Through the purple shield icon), it does nothing. It's been 36 plus hours.

Also please see attached picture. Interventions is at 1/1. I'm guessing that's not correct.

Username is Fire Engine 99

Group is NYC First Responders

Re: Alliance Missions

Posted: Jun 18th, '20, 16:12
by Jacehrva
Smartphone or tablet model: Smartphone and PC
Android or iOS version: Windows 10
Nickname in the game: Fire Engine 99
About how much building: Too many to count
Your current level: 79
Details about your bug: Please see above

Re: Alliance Missions

Posted: Jun 28th, '20, 12:11
by Proton
Finding the current problem