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Posted: Feb 3rd, '18, 01:24
by Proton


1. English only to be used in chat to avoid confusion.
2. No code 10 to use in the chat. They are not universal, not everyone is in emergency services or understands them. They tend to cause confusion.
3. Keep questions about the game in the help chat.
4. Keep all other topics in the general discussion once you reach level 5.
5. Keep the alliance cat in your alliance chat room.
6. Be respectful of other players.
7. No spamming the cat with repeated sentences or words. Do not constantly write in chat what your units do or each call you have.
8. If a moderator asks you to stop doing any of the above actions, do so without arguments. We will issue a warning for those listed above. If you choose to continue doing so, you will no longer be notified and will be immediately banned from the chat.


1. Do not swear in the cat. Hell and the devil are the only exceptions unless they target another player. This includes the use of symbols to replace letters in a sworn word.
2. No derogatory, racist or rude remarks or phrases.
3. No appeal.
4. You will not receive any warning for the above. These actions will result in an immediate ban.


If you are banned, you have been banned for a reason. We do not ban people who do not deserve it. We would prefer not to ban anyone.
If your friend or alliance member is banned, do not start wondering why. Prohibitions are not under discussion.
If you were banned, serve your ban. Return to discussion when the time period is up. Do not ask why you have been banned. Learn from your mistakes and do not repeat the behavior that prohibited you in the first place. Thank you for respecting the moderators. Again, bans are not open to discussion.

Any escalation or argument with the moderators will make you receive a longer ban and developer involvement.
Please keep in mind that moderators who help start the chat are volunteers. We can not be on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When we are, we will apply the rules set out above. We are players like you. Please show us respect. We will answer as many questions as you can, but keep in mind that this is not our primary responsibility. We also play the game like you and do not sit in the chat room trying to catch someone who breaks the rules. There are a ton of players with a great wealth of knowledge about how the game works.

We do not violate your rights by asking you to follow the rules.

There is an official Discord, advertising for another Discord or any other type of discussion software around the unofficial game is not allowed on the forum, the chat or the official Discord!

Anyone advertising this type of discussion will be excluded from the game without warning.

Finally, I ask that if someone breaks the rules and no moderator seems to be activated. Please do not engage with the person as this could make matters worse. Take note of the username and what is the violation or take a screenshot and notify a moderator when you can so we can take action.