Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Last Updated: 10/19/2017

How do I buy a vehicle?
-Go to the bottom right of your screen. Click the building. Select the department (Fire, Police, EMS). Find the station you want to place a new vehicle at, select details. The second tab down on the left side should look like a car, select that. If you have space for a vehicle, it will give you the option to buy vehicle. If you do not have space for a new vehicle, it will give you the option to enlarge the garage first. Be sure that your staffing is adequate for a new vehicle. New vehicles sometimes unlock different calls, if you don’t have enough staff, to fill the vehicle, you won’t be able to send it on a call. Which may result in a long period of time without being able to complete a call.

-Sometimes you will have to scroll down on the screen to see available vehicles. Unsure why this happens, but it has happened to me from time to time.

Can I assign staff to vehicles?

Why won’t my vehicle go on a call?
-You either don’t have enough staff to send it, you started the transfer process through the workshop, or your vehicle purchase isn’t complete.

Why does my vehicle sometimes go on a call, but other times it won't?
-If you have multiple units out, and you don’t have enough staff for all of them. Then you won’t be able to send it.

For example:
You have 2 Engines, 1 Ladder Truck, and 1 Chief. Which requires 16 staff. You only have 15. One one call, you send the chief first, and then the other 3 vehicles. All vehicles will go with no problems.

The next time, you send the 2 Engines, and Ladder truck first, those have 5 staff each. They take all 15. You try and send the chief, it won't work.

How do I change my name?
-Go to the gear icon on the top left of the screen, select login screen. (there is a detailed post with pictures on this page if you can’t figure it out). Once your name has been set, you cannot change it again.

How do I get more cash?
-You can either buy it, or you gain 20 per level.

What is direction level?
-Direction level is the level of your central station. You can upgrade it by going to the building tab on the bottom right. Select details on your Central Station, and then select the upgrade button. An upgrade to any station will increase the garage space and cloakroom by 1. (there is a detailed post with pictures on this page if you can’t figure it out)
What does Raze mean?
-Raze means destroy, demolish, etc. You do get some money back, 70,000 coins for a police station that originally costs 100,000 for example.
If you do destroy a building, make sure to sell your equipment or transfer it to a different station first. You won’t get the full amount back, but its better than nothing.

What is better to start, fire or police?
-I personally started with fire. I have had no problems advancing through the game, but after playing for some time, police may have been easier to start out. The vehicles are much cheaper, which would make it easier to get more cars early on to get more advanced calls worth more coins. Over time, you are going to want all 3 services as eventually they combine.

Does city size change call volume?
-Absolutely not, the game is based off of equipment you have. If you only have 1 Engine, you are only going to get calls that require 1 Engine. If you have 2 Engines, you will get most calls that require 1 Engine, and a few calls that require 2, and so on. There are many people in the game that believe if you go to Chicago or NYC you will get more calls, which is simply not true. More units=more calls, thats it!

But if you do want to join an alliance later on, bigger cities will most likely have more alliances.

What do the extensions do?
-Not all extensions work, but the ones that do, add vehicles. Most that work add calls as well. Once you purchase the vehicle, they will be needed on certain calls. The developer is still working on these extensions, and I will update this as I found out more.
Why are some extensions still greyed out?
-The extension text is a bug in the game, the developer is aware of it. Extensions are unlocked by game level and direction level. If your central station is at level 10 and its still greyed out, you’re just going to have to wait until you increase your game level.

**UPDATE** with the update completed today (10/02/2017) the developer attempted to correct this bug, unknown if it is accurate as I have all the extensions already.

The most common asked extension question is about the helicopters. I believe they are level 30 or 40, direction level 10.

What is the difference between Ladder Truck, Aerial Truck, Tiller? Are they used?
-In this game? There is no difference between them. The function is all the same, a ladder. Yes they are used. You have to have 2 engines and at least 1 patrol car before they ever come into play.

Tiller has been confirmed unlocked with the Tech Support Unit extension, at this time. There are plans to move it to the high rise extension at some point.

What are the different status numbers?

-For fire & police apparatus:
1. At station, in service
2. Enroute call
3. On scene
4. Returning to station, in service
5. Enroute workshop
6. On Review at workshop
7. Available for transfer at workshop
8. Enroute new station from workshop
9. (Police only) On Patrol

-For EMS:
1. At station, in service
2. Enroute call
10. On scene
11. Enroute hospital
12. At hospital
4. Returning to station, in service
5. Enroute workshop
6. On Review at workshop
7. Available for transfer at workshop
8. Enroute new station from workshop
9. On patrol

How do I join an alliance?
1. Be level 5 or higher
2. Have a Central Station
3. Select the middle tab on the bottom right side
4. Find the tab with 3 bars, select it.
5. Select refresh.

You should now see alliances near you. Find one you would like to join.
If a friend just created an alliance and you don’t see it. Exit the game and try to refresh again.
If you just reached level 5 and cannot find any alliances, log out and log back in, if there are any near you, they should show up.
**Alliances MUST be near you to join!**

What do alliances do?

Alliances can help if you don’t have enough units to complete a call. All you have to do is send 1 unit to the call. Once it arrives, select the help button next to the engage button.
Alliances also can create their own missions every 4 hours. An assistant or chief are the only ones that can start the mission.

NOTE: Initially alliances only allow 5 people, but as you level up, they allow more. Level 2 alliances allow 10 people, Level 3 allows 15

**UPDATE** with the update completed (10/02/2017) the developer added a feature to alliances to be able to see when other members are online, as well as a treasury feature. Which he stated will be used later on. (I’m assuming to be able to purchase alliance apparatus to be used when no other members can help you out)

How do we level up the alliance?
Alliances are leveled up by completing alliance missions.

What is the difference between an open alliance or closed?

-The only difference between the two is, an open alliance accepts any player that meets the level requirements the chief set. In a closed alliance, the chief has to approve new members.

Can I be in more than 1 alliance?

Are chief vehicles used?

What does sheriff do?
UPDATE: Sheriff now works the same as patrol.

Can I speed my vehicles up?

No, they have one speed, the posted speed limit. No matter if they are responding to a call or returning from a call, it is the same. If you feel they are moving slow, zoom in, you can see they actually move at a good pace.

What is the difference between the EMS stations?

-EMS Central station is just like the other Central stations. It is mainly to unlock extensions. The others are like hospitals. When you have multiple, the game asks where you want to transport to. Both station types can have staff and vehicles. The 150,000 EMS stations do not come with staff or a vehicle.

**UPDATE** Fire stations can now have EMS vehicles, which allows the hospitals to be used as actual hospitals. Only downfall is that EMS calls only generate around the hospitals, not near fire stations.

What is the difference between a central station and the others?
-Central stations allow you to buy extensions. That is really the only difference between the fire and police central stations. See question above about EMS stations.

Can I move a station?
-No, zoom in before placing to be sure it is in the most accurate spot.

**UPDATE:** If a building has not completed construction, you can cancel it.

What if I just leave a call alone? Will it go away?
-No it will still be there. Calls do not ever go away unless you complete them.

How much XP is gained per call?
-XP varies by the type of call, and what units are needed. According to ufdemt15 and my own calculations on a couple calls: it is roughly 10% of what your income is for the call.

Call earnings x .10 = xp gained

Is there a maximum amount of missions?
-Mission maximum seems to be based off of the amount of stations you have. I used to have 34 stations and my calls would max out at 34. Now, I have 60+ and they max out at 61. Call type depends on the equipment you have.

***Update:*** The maximum calls you can possibly have is still the same, based off of number of stations. Only problem is, you cannot just let your game sit and calls build up any longer. If you are inactive, the game stops generating new calls after 10. So, once you hit 10, you either need to finish one call, or log out and log back in for new calls to keep generating. Developer stated that this is because too many people were letting their games sit inactive to let calls build up, and was causing server issues.

Is there a way to cycle through vehicles faster instead of scrolling?
-Yes, you can easily sort through vehicles alphabetically by function(family), and by service.

For example: You want to select a ladder truck. Above the select button there are the 3 emblems for the services. Select the flame, and then find family above the abbreviation for function, and push that twice (assuming you have command vehicles). Play with these buttons while vehicles are responding to calls to get more familiar with them. They are very handy as you expand, and get bigger calls needing more units.

How do I send a Police/EMS unit on patrol?

-Must have commandment extension purchased
-Go to the station of the vehicle you want to put on patrol
-Find the vehicle, select it, and at the bottom of the page it will say patrol.
-The vehicle will then patrol the area around the station before returning to the station.

How do I transfer a unit?

-Workshop must be purchased and completed at the central station
-Go to the station and select the vehicle you want transferred.
-Select Transfert (at this time the vehicle will be sent to the workshop where it will undergo revision)
-After 2 hours, you can send it to a new station of your choice, if the station has room, and it is within 80 miles.