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Username trouble

Posted: Jan 30th, '19, 09:18
by Nsidley
Hi all,

I got logged out of my account and can’t seem to sign back in. I tried everything I could find to reset password and such on the website. No such luck. I get the message saying my username was not found. Username was Nsidley. I spent a little bit of money to advance through the game faster and would like to continue it. It’s unfortunate that it’s got some bugs. I’m hoping my account is not lost forever.

Thanks for any suggestions or help,


Re: Username trouble

Posted: Jan 30th, '19, 12:08
by Tom42
Hey Nsidley,
Do you already register with your email address or did you play with guest mode?

Re: Username trouble

Posted: Feb 1st, '19, 10:14
by Nsidley
I registered with my email. I had a different username than the auto generated Jonjour usernames.