New vehicle suggestions

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New vehicle suggestions

Post by Medic59 » Aug 23rd, '19, 14:07

Firefighting helicopter (Fire)
Cost: 200,000
Function: Firefighting helicopter
Used on wildfire and large brush fire calls

Fire/EMS/Police boat (EMS/Fire/Police)
Cost: 100,000
Fire: Engine/ rescue
Police: Patrol/ police boat/ coast guard/ customs/ port authority
All used for water based emergencies

Aircraft firefighting unit (Fire)
Cost: 250,000
Function: Engine/ rescue
Used on aircraft emergencies

EMS motorcycle (EMS)
Cost: 35,000
Function: EMS
Calls that involve large gatherings

Mass casualty Unit (EMS)
Cost: 200,000
Function: EMS (4 slots)
Can take the place of 4 ambulances on calls requiring large transport amounts

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