Hiding stations on map

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Hiding stations on map

Post by gorilla » Nov 15th, '19, 11:17

Just wanting to see if we could add a feature where we can have the option to hide stations from our own map, sort of similar to switching alliance members on and off.

How it would work..

We could select from the station menu which service displays each would be individual.

So we could have all 3 services displayed or have a combination of 2 of them displayed at a time or even just have 1 service displayed at a time.

Also could we include turning off the call markers for both our own calls and alliance calls.

The reason we would like this to happen is to make it easier for us to place new stations and plan how we set out our services. As for those of with a lot of stations and who allow calls to build and have very active alliances our maps can be very busy and difficult to see the best locations for new stations. It would also make it easier for us to find individual stations on the map instead of going through our station lists.

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Re: Hiding stations on map

Post by Themackdaddy88 » Nov 15th, '19, 11:24

This has been needed for awhile I have a very active alliance as well and it is hard to see where everything is had when ur running 200 plus calls with the alliance being shared hard to see everything

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