Some more ideas

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Some more ideas

Post by Sarcityfd » Nov 26th, '19, 23:48

In some North American cities especially the big ones the engines are staffed with firefighters crossed trained as paramedics (paramedic in the us, PCP in Canada). Now although most engines are staffed with them and still just called engines I have an idea for a new unit.
Name: medic engine
Cost: $150,000
Use: reponsds to all types of calls except on any medical call it can start treatment before the ambulance arrives(starting the in game Timer). Once the ambulance get there they continue treatment and transport.

Also If you want to be realist sending a engine and a ladder to a “utility pole down” is over kill. In real life if a power line comes down a engine responds makes sure no one is hurt/trapped and makes sure no one goes close then they wait anywhere from 20 min to over an hour for the power company to arrive and then they leave. I would make it so you just need an engine or ladder (not both) to go to “utility pole down” and make the time like 2-3 mins instead of 1 min.

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Re: Some more ideas

Post by Themackdaddy88 » Nov 27th, '19, 13:53

That’s just like asking for tow service for recovering a vehicle. They send a supervisor to the call when it should be tow services cuz here they are part of the first response. And it can also be used on the mvc or roll over the bigger the call the bigger the truck should be. And cops don’t mess with many cars left on the side of the road they just put a sticker and a tow truck come and picks it up

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