EMS Supervisor role

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EMS Supervisor role

Post by R.Nooney » Apr 11th, '20, 10:52

Currently, there is no way to have an EMS Supervisor at a Fire Station as far as I can find. there was some talk of Rescue captains being used for this but you have to reach a pretty high level before they are available and Rescue and EMS are now very different specialties in the USA. The EMS stations function as hospitals and we don't need any more options under the transport TAB just so we can get properly placed supervisor units.

My proposal is that...

1. All EMS units Are transferable between Fire and EMS Stations (this would also allow people to have a difference between a County/Hosptial based ambulance and a Fire-based Ambulance.)


2. Have Fire-based EMS Supervisors.

Many players I feel desire these options as Most real-world Agencies have their supervisors stationed with 911 units at Fire stations and not at the hospital.

(Also would love to see an EMS Supervisor in a transport unit, as well as the regular one. this way agencies whose supervisors are a normal transport team as well can be properly reflected.)

Thank you for your time!

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