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Relocating units and interchangeable units

Posted: Aug 16th, '20, 21:29
by Sarcityfd
In real life of there’s a big call and an area has been emptied of units Fire Departments will relocate a few trucks into the area so that if another call comes in they can respond with out a big delay. This should be added into the game. With any feature there should be a few limitations.
1. You should only be able relocate the same type of unit that is suppose to be at that station. Eg. If there was an engine and a rescue at a station you can only relocate an engine or an rescue to that station.
2. The units could automatically return to there station when the call is cleared.

Also I think certain units should be interchangeable Squads should be able to be used as rescue as in real life squads carry the same equipment as each other expect the squad carries less. Same for engine and Quints expect they should only be interchangeable on way (engine to quint not quint to engine) as quints and engines both carries pumps, water, hoses, and ground ladder Only difference is that the quint has a Ariel ladder on it.

Re: Relocating units and interchangeable units

Posted: Feb 7th, '22, 13:18
by ChiefA.Lambing
I agree on this one we do need the ability to have standbys ready for when stations are on a bigger call

Re: Relocating units and interchangeable units

Posted: Feb 18th, '22, 23:56
by Slimkid
I agree. You should also be able to keep spare units in the workshops so if you send one in for service you can pull one out and put it into service.