New rewards just a thought

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New rewards just a thought

Post by Themackdaddy88 » Aug 31st, '20, 15:41

As several of us approach the 80 -85 range have y’all thought about bigger rewards for leveling up since it’s been 20 notes each level and we are having to work 100 times harder than we did when we were in the lower stages of the game. Like my level is 8.2 million Xp to finish 20 notes and 800 k would be a nice reward and like thogans level is 15 million xp to finish with a reward of 20 notes and 1.5 million coins for a reward when leveling up just a thought.

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Re: New rewards just a thought

Post by Jsmall » Oct 23rd, '20, 22:37

I second that.

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