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Posted: Dec 9th, '17, 09:18
by jimmykaye
may we have NCIS extension in the futur ? it's for exemple for Murder, or Hostage taken , Bomb Explosion etc... but on member of usmc et usnc


Posted: Dec 24th, '17, 09:51
by Proton
Thank you for making a topic with as much information about this extension, vehicles, etc.


Posted: Jun 29th, '18, 20:18
by jimmykaye
- Service: PD
- Name of the vehicle visible in game: NCIS
- Name of the vehicle in detail: Naval Criminal Investigative Service
- Family: NCIS
- Functions: NCIS
- Extension : Federal
- Number of staff in this one: 2-4

Federal extension should be bought and unlock ALL federal law enforcement entities