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Post by Donte » Mar 8th, '18, 17:42

There is the option already to see allies on the map, but you can only see their stations or units en-route to the calls you asked for help with. Could you make them visible all the time? If I know one of their units is closer to my call, then I'll be more likely to ask for help from them.

Could you make the "help" feature for calls available before the first unit arrives on a call? I would love to ask for mutual aid if all my units are tied up without sending anyone to the call or knowing that I'll need help before my units get there. I get that it won't say what is needed for assistance, but that shouldn't matter.

Add a timer to the workshop so I can see how much longer my wait is to be able to finish transferring a unit (Unless I missed it lol). I only see the number of buck needed to complete the transfer getting smaller as time goes by.

I'm told the alliance calls appear in purple. I have a mild color blindness, so the alliance calls look the same to me as my calls on the map. Could you make them the same color as the responding alliance units? Same as alliance building, change their color to the responding alliance member units color. I can tell the difference between them much easier.

It appears there are things available that don't do anything or do much yet. Examples are alliance funds or State Trooper (from what I'm told). These can be seen or are "available" but don't really have any function yet. It would cause less confusion if these weren't available or visible until they are ready for full use.

It would be fun to have a feature to send a unit "code" to a call that allows them to go faster, but I think I saw somewhere that you won't be doing that. I hope that changes.

Some police call suggestions (I apologize if they already exist, I'm still unlocking extensions)
*Restraining order violation (or Court order violation)
*Vehicle lockout
*Stolen vehicle
*Parking complaint
*Phone complaint
*Underage drinking party
*Drug deal

I could go on, but I don't want a bunch of repeats.

Those are just a my thoughts. The game seems to start a little slow, but as I get more units and buildings the game gets more addicting. I'm playing police so far. Fun game. Thank you for listening.

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