fire units

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Andrew waltz
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fire units

Post by Andrew waltz » Mar 19th, '18, 01:36

I would like to see state fire Marshall’s On the game

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Re: fire units

Post by Tom42 » Jul 24th, '18, 12:29

What is it?
Tom42, Staff and Moderator

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Re: fire units

Post by Ryman » Jun 10th, '19, 02:34

Fire investigators, the big boss of fire department s in their District

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Re: fire units

Post by NY_13 » Jun 14th, '19, 16:01

Fire Marshals are like ATF. They can investigate fires, but they would actually be super useful for overcrowded venue calls, pre-staged events like the event security and food festival calls. In NY, we have a state fire marshal that does a lot of this, but FD's usually have ones too that do the same at a more local level. I just use the ATF vehicle as this right now, but a fire equivalent would help. Especially as a lot of places like Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles County, do fire investigations through the fire department arson units, not police

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