Weather related calls.

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Weather related calls.

Post by dsdomonick » Apr 16th, '18, 14:34

First off I would like to say that the game is awesome and I love playing. It has so much potential with that thought I think I have thought of a good idea to allow this game to be more dynamic. Weather has and plays a huge role in dispatching. When weather is bad you get a huge influx of calls. since the game already requires you to have internet I would not think it would be hard to just import current weather in the game. The worse conditions are the more call you will get. Here are a sample of some of the calls and requirements to clear those calls :

Flooded Road : 1 Patrol car - Time depending on how bad the rain is.
Minor Accident: 1 Patrol car- same time as a regular police report call
Major Accident: 3 Patrol cars , 1 Fire engine, 2 EMS- Undetermined time due to it would take time to clear accidents.
Fatal Accident: 1 Trooper, 2 Patrol Cars, 1 Fire engine, 1 EMS- Undetermined due to fatal accidents usually result in a road closer.
Multi-car pileup: 5 Patrol Cars, 2 Troopers, 4 Fire Engines, 6 EMS- Undetermined time and would require you to be in a alliance in order for you to get the call.

Part 1 Will update if I think of more. I know we already have some of these calls in game I think we should get over whelmed with calls as the weather worsens.

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Re: Weather related calls.

Post by Proton » Apr 20th, '18, 11:00

We have already planned this type of improvement

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